Legal Disclaimer

Updated: 29th of September 2018



Club Penguin Again has ownership of the domain Any Other domain names are not property of Club Penguin Again and should not be trusted. We don't take responsibility if you created or used accounts on domains other than We can not confirm the safety of other sites so do not use the same password on our server, this could cause Security Breaches!


Club Penguin Again is a non-profit re-creation of Disney's Club Penguin created solely for educational purposes by teenagers under the age of 18. Club Penguin Again does not own any content in the game, all rights go to Disney Inc.


Club Penguin Again and all it's services are not affiliated with Disney Interactive, Club Penguin Inc, or any of it's partners. Content by Disney interactive that is being used on this website is under Fair Use for Education Purposes 17 U.S. Code  107.


The Club Penguin Again Staff Team does it's best to filter out inappropriate words and players, and we moderate the website 24/7 to take action against inappropriate players, however, some players will continue to attempt and break the rules. It is not our responsibility to parent them! Although we will take action if a user is continuing to break our rules! If you are concerned about yours or your child's safety, you may go to servers with "Safe Chat" where players have access to words approved by our team. This is a newly added feature and is still in testing.

To get support or For any abuse complaints please email us at [email protected]

We preserve the right and permission to change this legal disclaimer any time.