And the Colour Votes are in….

Hey Penguins,

1 Week ago you were given the chance to vote for a new colour that will be coming to the Island! We are now glad to officially announce the results of the votes!

Light Purple is the Official Winner! Congratulations to all those who voted for it, starting from today you will be able to buy it from the paint bucket in the Gift Shop and from March, it will be permanently available in the Penguin Style!

We hope you enjoyed the custom Colour Vote Party, and from today the Colour Party!

Thanks Penguins, Waddle on!

Posted by Josh on February 24, 2019

Colour Vote – Now on!

Hey Penguins,

The longly Anticipated Colour Vote has now arrived on the Island!

We are so hyped for this update as it is the first time that YOU the player is able to decide what content you want added into the game! The options are; Lavender, Light Purple and Legacy Blue!

To learn how to vote please read the instructions below!

You have 1 week to chose what colour you want added to the Island, but chose wisely as once voted, you can’t change your vote!

Thanks Penguins, Waddle on!

Posted by Josh on February 10, 2019

And the Coins for Change results are in…

Hey Penguins,

From the 19th December – 30th December 2018 you were able to donate your coins to help a charity and we are happy to finally display the results!

WOW! You donated over 312,000 Coins to CFC! That is officially amazing! As stated in the previous blog post, for every 100,000 coins donated we will donate £5 to the chosen charity this year, UNICEF UK! Although, because of all your hard work, The Administrators decided that they would round the Donation up to a bigger number. So, CPA will be donating £20 to UNICEF UK this year to help them provide help for those who need it!

Thank you penguins so much for all your generosity. You really have shown how amazing this community is!

That’s all for now Penguins, Waddle On!

Posted by Josh on December 30, 2018

Holiday Party – Now on!

Happy Holidays Penguins, It is the most wonderful time of the year and on the Island we are celebrating with a Massive Party!

This year, as well as celebrating the Holiday Season, we will also be celebrating the life of Club Penguin Island, which will officially Shutdown tomorrow, 20th December 2018. This is the last remaining piece we have of the Official Club Penguin Franchise from Disney and we don’t want to see it off lightly.

This Holiday season, you will be able to donate to Coins for Change from the 19th – 30th December. After this we will count up all the coins and convert it into real money (For every 100,000 coins donated, we will donate £5 to the charity that you chose to donate to in the Discord, Unicef UK!).

Not only this but there will be a ton of other surprises such as a daily Advent Calendar, starting on December 21st through to Christmas Day! We can’t wait for you to experience these updates which start Today!

Thanks Penguins and we hope you enjoy the festivities going on across the Island. Waddle on!

Posted by Josh on December 19, 2018

Operation Doomsday – on Now!

Hello Penguins,

I am sure you have seen what is going on across the Island and it’s all because of me, Herbert P. Bear, Esquire.

I have kidnapped Gary and many other Penguin Agents across the Island, this is apart of my plan to TAKE OVER! From now on, I AM YOUR NEW LEADER!

There will be MANY changes around here from now on, and you must follow them! If you chose not to, I will have no problem in doing what i did to those stupid EPF agents, to you!

I’m delighted to announce that you have all failed this time, I believe I made my first appearance on your little island with Gary the Gadget Guy, MWA HA HA! Don’t worry, he’s safe with me, far away from you little penguins that failed to stop me!

Don’t even THINK about letting your little Blog writers know about this!

Posted by Josh on November 14, 2018


Hey Guys, today we have the results for this weeks POTW!

Congratulations to our Fourth POTW Pingu! Pingu is very active in the community and ingame, he is always happy to participate in any events we run and he is always positive and fun to be around! For winning he will revieve the legendary Red Viking Helmet and a whopping 10,000 Coins! Amazing!

If you think your friend should be Penguin of the Week, leave a comment In the discord with their username and why they should be featured. Waddle on!

Posted by Josh on October 21, 2018

Celebrate Halloween and CP13!

Hey Penguins, it’s that spooooky time of the year again and we are celebrating with a huge custom party on the Island, but this year, we have a certain twist to it!

This year not only will you be able to celebrate halloween, but you will also be able to celebrate the Club Penguin franchise turning 13 Years old! Can you believe that 13 years ago we could first start playing Club Penguin? Where has the time gone! Not only this, but on October 31st 2017, CPA’s development started and we will also be celebrating one year of CPA starting!

Starting on October 18th, you will be able to explore the Islands first Halloween party, complete a candy hunt quest to claim a rare item and collect some spooky costumes dotted across the Island.

Then, starting the 22nd of October, The CP13 Anniversary Party will start! The island will stay in it’s spooky state but have the addition of new anniversary rooms, lots of balloons and cake + an awesome new anniversary hat to collect!

For the first time on the Island, you will be able to collect an item each day from the Town on a new interface! If you remember in Beta there was a myth of a Red Duck, Well all we can stay is stay tuned, you didn’t hear it from us!

Also I heard that you will be able to tip the iceberg for the first time! Is the myth going to become a reality?

We hope you have an amazing Halloween and Enjoy all of the celebrations. That’s all for now Penguins, Waddle on!

Posted by Josh on October 16, 2018

Card-Jitsu Shadow – Out now!

Hey Penguins,

After much time and anticipation, we have finally released Card-Jitsu Shadow!

Your objective is to help Sensei defeat Tusk and help restore peace to the Island. Team up with your friends and stand on the amulet plate that you want to use, the plate with the most penguins on it is the one that is used in the battle. The same rules that apply to Card-Jitsu apply! Fire beats snow, Snow beats water and Water beats fire.

Win a match to be able to buy your Card-Jitsu Shadow suit from the catalog in the bottom right of the screen! You can also learn how to play and see the full suit Legend from the posters at the back of the Dojo!

P.S The shadow room at the back will be opening soon with an awesome reimagined Dojo courtyard so stay tuned!

We have worked so hard on making this game come true and we hope that you enjoy battling out Tusk with your friends!

That’s all for now, thanks for reading Penguins. Waddle on!

Posted by Josh on October 6, 2018

V2 Has Released!

To start we would like to thank everyone who has got us through this nearly 1 year journey and that this update would not have peen possible without the help of some of the most amazing people in this Community!

Finally, after countless months of development, time, money, we have officially released V2 to the public.

To start the V2.0 updates off we decided to release our new site design! This website has taken our developers, designers and others who helped so long to perfect so that it is perfect for YOU and is what we would call a ‘Great Success!

The next big feature we have introduced to CPA V2.0 is Live chat! Have you ever been in game and had a quick question, a bug or something you needed to ask? Well now all you have to do is input your first name and email and you can chat to one of our Support Team Staff Immediately! For more info on this visit Our Help & Support Page!

And finally the thing everyone has been waiting for, Card Jitsu Shadow! Trust us, we are as hyped if not more hyped than you are about this game and we can’t wait to release it next week along with our version of the Card Jitsu Party. We don’t as of yet have a date or time when it will release but most likely (If all goes to plan) Next week some time!

Stay tuned to the DiscordTwitter and the Blog for the latest news and updates Regarding V2, Waddle on!

Posted by Josh on September 30, 2018


With V2 releasing next week we have been VERY VERY BUSY working on the game to make sure it is perfect, Today we would like to announce the Third POTW!

Congratulations to Frog6453 On winning, Frog6453 is a very active member in the community and deserves POTW with the highest of honours! He will receive the Legendary Red Viking helmet and a staggering 10,000 coins, Amazing! Stay tuned to the Discord, Twitter and the Blog for the latest news and updates, see you next week at the start of V2, Waddle on

Posted by Josh on September 27, 2018