Pride Parade Party – Now on!

Hey Penguins,

I’m here to announce that the Pride Parade 2020 has now started!

Similar to last year, we are once again hosting our Pride Parade, however this year we pulled out all the stocks! This year you can expect Custom Pride Igloo Flags, custom pins and items (coming later in the month!).

As well as all of this, we have some very special Mascot meet-ups planned with Rory (who will give out his new Pride giveaway!)

With so much planned, this will be one awesome month on CPA!

In other news, our new June 2020 Penguin Style has released and the June 2020 Igloo catalogs have too! Be sure to check them out to get the latest styles popular on the Island (Including some free items in the Penguin Style for Pride month!)

Stay tuned to the Discord and twitter (linked above) for all the latest news and events that will be going on including mascot visits. Stay proud penguins, Waddle on!

Posted by Josh on June 2, 2020

Medieval Party 2020 – Now on!

Here Ye, Here Ye! Calling all Penguins,

The Medieval Party 2020 is now on! Grab your armour, swords and helmets in preparation to battle Scorn.

This years Medieval Party is packed with brand new content for you to enjoy. The all new quests, items and events will keep you busy for the whole duration of the party.

This year, you will need to find the Princess who has been kidnapped by Scorn the Dragon. On the quests you will need to use your skills to find clues on her whereabouts. In each room there is an item you must find which will help you find the princess, and capture Scorn. In Quest 3, there is an ultimate showdown with Scorn, and in the end yours and the princesses fate will be decided!

All this and more is featured in this years Medieval Party, be sure to play it from May 20th – 29th, with a new quest releasing every 3 days.

Stay tuned to the Discord and twitter (linked above) for all the latest news and events that will be going on including mascot visits. Waddle on!

Posted by Josh on May 23, 2020

POTW #17 + Coins for Change Results!

Hey Penguins, I’m back with this weeks POTW and the results of our Coins for Change event!

Congratulations to Angee on winning this weeks POTW! Angee joined CPA in May 2018 (shortly after we opened) and has been active and kind member of the community ever since. Angee attends the majority of our events and is active on the Discord, always finding the latest pins and sending in jokes and art for the papers! Another amazing thing Angee partook in was the Coins for Change event (both in 2018, 2019 and our COVID relief event). Overall she has donated over 300,000 coins, incredible! For winning she will receive the Legendary Red Viking Helmet and a whopping 10,000 Coins! Amazing!

Now, onto the thing you have all been waiting for, the Coins for Change results. After 2 weeks, you have grinded for coins and donated a whopping:

1,525,800 coins!

WOW! We are absolutely astonished at the amount of coins donated during this event, and at the support it received from all of you. Originally we said that for every 100k donated we would donate £5, but as this event exceeded our expectations exponentially this is now unfortunately not possible. Although, we will be donating £50 (British pounds so roughly $65) to a charity helping support those on the frontline fighting to beat the virus. From all of us at CPA, thank you!

In other news, the new edition of the Newspaper has been released on the Island, and with it a new pin! Be sure to find it, it’s a great addition to all of your pin collections!

If you think your friend should be Penguin of the Week, leave a comment In the Discord with their username and why they should be featured!

Thanks Penguins, and stay tuned for more news on the Medieval Party which is coming soon to the Island. Waddle on!

Posted by Josh on May 3, 2020

POTW #16 + Over 1 Million coins raised for CFC!

Hey Penguins, today has been an incredibly special day. After just 2 days of Coins for Change being released, you have donated over 1 Million coins! Before we get onto that, let me announce this weeks POTW!

Congratulations to Emily1 on winning this weeks POTW! Emily has only recently joined CPA, but this has not stopped her from welcoming new users to our Island! She is very active, and always happy to participate in events. Emily has been touring new users around the Island with her extensive knowledge of CPA, giving them tips on how to earn coins, stamps and more! She has also donated over 100,000 coins in our Coins for Change Relief Event, crazy! For winning she will receive the Legendary Red Viking Helmet and a whopping 10,000 Coins! Amazing!

In other news, WE REACHED OUR COINS FOR CHANGE GOAL! On Friday, only 2 days after we released our CFC Relief Event, we hit our goal! The community has surpassed our expectations, exponentially! We are shocked and amazed at the community’s response to the event. We had not even dreamed of reaching 1 Million donated coins, and you made it happen! Proud would be an understatement of how we feel about all of you. You have done amazing so far, but it’s not yet time to stop donating, we still have just over 2 weeks to go to raise for this amazing cause. Remember to check out the party interface in the top right of your screen to collect your community unlocked items.

We have a new page with information regarding COVID-19, please be sure to read it by clicking here.

Also, stay tuned for the new issue of the CPA times and the new Pin releasing today!

If you think your friend should be Penguin of the Week, leave a comment In the Discord with their username and why they should be featured!

We hope you are all staying safe, keeping well and enjoying the celebrations on CPA. Keep donating penguins, you are changing the world, Waddle on!

Posted by Josh on April 19, 2020

Coins for Change COVID-19 Relief Event – Now on!

Hey Penguins, today I am announcing our next event, and be assured it is a very special one!

As all of you know, the world right now is not a nice place. The deadly Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire and taking the lives of thousands of innocent people. Here at CPA, we don’t just care about our inner community, we also care about others who are in need. Therefore, starting today (Wednesday 15th April 2020) we will be hosting a special Coins for Change COVID-19 Relief Event! We are incredibly excited for this as it gives you the chance to make a difference!

There will be donation stations dotted around the Island for you to donate your hard earned coins, and in return you can claim your Free CFC 2020 Relief Pin and stamps! Not only this, but as more and more coins are collected, you will unlock new community prizes! A new one will unlock after 100k has been collected!

This year, for every 100k Coins donated, CPA will donate £5 (British Pounds) to a Coronavirus charity, who will help aid the sick, build hospitals and provide food to those who need it. We have an information poster in-game to tell you a bit more about all of the options there are to pick from (whilst donating). In the game we also have an informational poster that gives you guidelines (from the UK government) on social distancing and how to stay safe. Please be sure to read the posters as they could help you save a life.

We can’t wait for this amazing event, where we can all come together as a community and help a great cause. We know these are hard times for everyone, so we encourage you to earn as many coins as you can and donate them to our CFC Event!

Once the event has ended (at the end of April), we will announce how many coins have been raised, and then make donation to the charity we chose.

Stay safe, stay tuned to the Discord and keep waddling Penguins, these next few months are going to be hard but if we all come together, we will for sure get through it.

Posted by Josh on April 15, 2020

Easter Egg Hunt – Now on!

Hey Penguins, I’m here to announce that our annual Easter Event is now on!

Celebrate this great time of year with some awesome free items when you log on (be sure to collect it when you do log on as you won’t be able to see that message again therefore meaning you won’t be able to get the item).

We are also celebrating with our awesome Egg Hunt! Go around the Island using the clues provided on the Egg Hunt interface and find all of the Eggs to redeem a super cool pin

The event won’t be on for long, starting today (Friday 10th April) – Sunday 12th April, you won’t want to miss this!

Stay tuned to the Discord and twitter (linked above) for all the latest news and events that will be going on. Also stay tuned for a special announcement we have in a few days regarding a new event, Keep Waddling!

Posted by Josh on April 10, 2020

Anniversary Party Now on! – CPA is 2!

Hey penguins, this is one of my favourite blog posts to write because CPA IS 2!!!

It feels like only yesterday when we opened up the servers to the public and you all started playing. It would be an understatement to say that this journey has been amazing, because it has been more than that! In honour of this (and in true CPA fashion) we are celebrating with a HUGE PARTY!

This year you can expect a new hat, the 2019/2020 Yearbook, a GIANT cake in the Coffee Shop, a tippable berg and lots more! We are also bringing back the daily free items in the lead up to the Anniversary so be sure to click the big 2 next to the moderator badge on your screen to claim them!

One of the highlights of our Anniversary parties are the Yearbooks. They allow you to see everything that happened in the past year on CPA, and are a great read (If i do say so myself). You may even be lucky enough to have been featured in one of the images, be sure to check it out in the Book Room starting from today.

Another way to reminisce is to read through some of the older blog posts, it’s great to look back and see where we started!

Stay tuned to the Discord and twitter (linked above) for all the latest news and events that will be going on (and mascots etc…) Keep waddling penguins and enjoy the celebrations!

Posted by Josh on April 1, 2020

Club Penguin Memorial Party – Out Now!

Hey Penguins, it’s great to be back and I’m happy to announce that the Club Penguin Memorial Party is Out Now!

March 29th marks the 3rd anniversary of the original game Club Penguin shutting down. Of course, this left a big hole in the hearts of all of us. For me personally, I grew up playing the original game (since 2008) and that’s why we released CPA, to be able to give you that sense of nostalgia we all crave and to bring you awesome new content never seen before.

The memorial party will run from today, 27th March – 29th March (the shutdown anniversary). As soon as the memorial ends, the Anniversary party will release and we cant wait! It’s been a crazy 2 years and we are so excited to show you what we have planned for this party. Expect Cake, a new party hat, the yearbook and LOTS MORE!

Stay safe, stay tuned to the Discord and keep waddling Penguins, these next few months are going to be incredible and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Posted by Josh on March 28, 2020

Delay’s are over – We’re back!

Hey Penguins,

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these, and for that I can only apologise.

These past few months have been incredibly busy and stressful for me. Up to 3 days ago, I was still revising for what were going to be the most important exams I will take in my life. Those exams required lots of revision, hard work and dedication. I was trying to juggle both my exams, CPA and my outside life but it was not working.

As I am sure all of you are aware, the recent pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has taken a hit on many people and things. As of 3 days ago, In London all of the schools have been cancelled, and unfortunately so have my exams (bare in mind I have been working and studying for 3 years just for those exams). This has been very hard on me and others as today we went into school for the last time. Although, with all of this free time I am happy to announce that CPA is coming back, and with big things!

I know that we have not officially had any parties this year, and to kick this off we will be celebrating with a MASSIVE 2nd Birthday from 28th March – 2nd April! This means cake, a new birthday hat and many more custom things that we have planned!

Once again, I am very sorry that we have not been active, both Vasy and I have been very busy, and I have been very stressed out due to what has and is going on. I now have (essentially) a 6 month break from school and I plan to use it on creating awesome content for all of you to enjoy!

Stay safe, stay tuned to the Discord and keep waddling Penguins, this is only the beginning of what we have planned! – Josh

Posted by Josh on March 21, 2020

Halloween Igloo Contest Winner Announced!

Hey everyone, we hope you had an amazing Halloween Anniversary Party on the Island, as it is over we now announce the Igloo contest Winner! *Drum roll* And the winner is…

Congratulations to Calvin on winning this years Halloween Igloo contest! Over the course of the week, we had over 50 entries, some from in-game and others in the Discord. It was a hard choice to pick but we came to the conclusion his was the best! His igloo features lots of pumpkins, ghosts and bats which are all very spooooky items available in the Igloo catalogs, he made his igloo stand out with pumpkin lights and some eerie gates as you enter. Congratulations Calvin, For winning he will receive a Limited edition Igloo and a whopping 20,000 Coins! Amazing! Take a look at his Igloo below.

In other news, starting on November 9th is the EPF re-opening party, finally after 1 Year, you will be able to experience the new custom EPF (as Herbert destroyed the last one is Operation: Doomsday). For the first time on CPA you will be able to suit up and complete the PSA Missions! We can’t wait to show you all the content we are bringing with this party including weekly missions and weekly Field Ops!

We will continue POTW from next Monday. Remember, if you think your friend should be Penguin of the Week, leave a comment In the Discord with their username and why they should be featured!

Keep Waddling all and thanks for the amazing party!

Posted by Josh on November 6, 2019