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Anniversary Party Now on! – CPA is 2!

Hey penguins, this is one of my favourite blog posts to write because CPA IS 2!!!

It feels like only yesterday when we opened up the servers to the public and you all started playing. It would be an understatement to say that this journey has been amazing, because it has been more than that! In honour of this (and in true CPA fashion) we are celebrating with a HUGE PARTY!

This year you can expect a new hat, the 2019/2020 Yearbook, a GIANT cake in the Coffee Shop, a tippable berg and lots more! We are also bringing back the daily free items in the lead up to the Anniversary so be sure to click the big 2 next to the moderator badge on your screen to claim them!

One of the highlights of our Anniversary parties are the Yearbooks. They allow you to see everything that happened in the past year on CPA, and are a great read (If i do say so myself). You may even be lucky enough to have been featured in one of the images, be sure to check it out in the Book Room starting from today.

Another way to reminisce is to read through some of the older blog posts, it’s great to look back and see where we started!

Stay tuned to the Discord and twitter (linked above) for all the latest news and events that will be going on (and mascots etc…) Keep waddling penguins and enjoy the celebrations!

Posted by Josh on April 1, 2020

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