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Delay’s are over – We’re back!

Hey Penguins,

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these, and for that I can only apologise.

These past few months have been incredibly busy and stressful for me. Up to 3 days ago, I was still revising for what were going to be the most important exams I will take in my life. Those exams required lots of revision, hard work and dedication. I was trying to juggle both my exams, CPA and my outside life but it was not working.

As I am sure all of you are aware, the recent pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has taken a hit on many people and things. As of 3 days ago, In London all of the schools have been cancelled, and unfortunately so have my exams (bare in mind I have been working and studying for 3 years just for those exams). This has been very hard on me and others as today we went into school for the last time. Although, with all of this free time I am happy to announce that CPA is coming back, and with big things!

I know that we have not officially had any parties this year, and to kick this off we will be celebrating with a MASSIVE 2nd Birthday from 28th March – 2nd April! This means cake, a new birthday hat and many more custom things that we have planned!

Once again, I am very sorry that we have not been active, both Vasy and I have been very busy, and I have been very stressed out due to what has and is going on. I now have (essentially) a 6 month break from school and I plan to use it on creating awesome content for all of you to enjoy!

Stay safe, stay tuned to the Discord and keep waddling Penguins, this is only the beginning of what we have planned! – Josh

Posted by Josh on March 21, 2020

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