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POTW #14 + New updates coming soon!

Hey Penguins, I’m back with this weeks POTW Results and some awesome news on the New Updates coming soon!

Congratulations to Chomander123 on winning this weeks POTW! Chomander has been on CPA since the start of this year and has become a well known member in our community, they are very active on the Discord server; always welcoming new people and turning up to events in game. The most recent being the Red Ranger meet-up which was a huge success! (Click here to see some pictures from our twitter post). It has and is a great pleasure to have you in our community, and we thought what better way to show our admiration to you than for you to receive this prestigious award? Congratulations, you deserve it! For winning he will receive the Legendary Red Viking Helmet and a whopping 10,000 Coins! Amazing! 

Tomorrow is sadly the end to the Superhero Party, for the past 2 weeks, you have been scouring the Island hunting for Gems and it has been awesome! This is by far one of my favourite parties I have designed for CPA so far! Although, don’t fear! The spooky season is just around the corner which means so is Club Penguin’s 14th anniversary, be sure to stay tuned to the Discord and the Blog for more news on the party as it comes!

Finally, today we will release the October Penguin Style! Yes, we know it has been 4 months since we last released one (it is because they take a lot of hard work and we simply have not had the time with all of the large updates we have been releasing). Today marks an end to the Catalog hiatus. Our awesome Superhero, Music and Spooky themed Catalog will release as soon as this post is out so be sure to log onto the game and get all of the brand spanking new items.

If you think your friend should be Penguin of the Week, leave a comment In the Discord with their username and why they should be featured! Waddle On!

Posted by Josh on October 14, 2019

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