V2 Has Released!

To start we would like to thank everyone who has got us through this nearly 1 year journey and that this update would not have peen possible without the help of some of the most amazing people in this Community!


Finally After countless months of development, time, money, we have officially released V2 to the public.


To start the V2.0 updates off we decided to release our new site design! This website has taken our developers, designers and others who helped so long to perfect so that it is perfect for YOU and is what we would call a 'Great Success!'.


The next big feature we have introduced to CPA V2.0 is Live chat! Have you ever been in game and had a quick question, a bug or something you needed to ask? Well now all you have to do is input your first name and email and you can chat to one of our Support Team Staff Immediately! For more info on this visit Our Help & Support Page!


And finally the thing everyone has been waiting for, Card Jitsu Shadow! Trust us, we are as hyped if not more hyped than you are about this game and we can't wait to release it next week along with our version of the Card Jitsu Party. We don't as of yet have a date or time when it will release but most likely (If all goes to plan) Next week some time!

Stay tuned to the Discord, Twitter and the Blog for the latest news and updates Regarding V2, Waddle on!

Posted by Josh on September 30, 2018



With V2 releasing next week we have been VERY VERY BUSY working on the game to make sure it is perfect, Today we would like to announce the Third POTW!


Congratulations to Frog6453 On winning, Frog is a very active member in the community and deserves POTW with the highest of honours! He will receive the Legendary Red Viking helmet and a staggering 10,000 coins, Amazing! Stay tuned to the Discord, Twitter and the Blog for the latest news and updates, see you next week at the start of V2, Waddle on!