As we near the release of V2 we thought we would give you a dev diary of how it is coming on.

At the moment we are just finishing our custom Card-Jitsu Shadow game, We have finished all the rooms for the party and custom items! We are currently Beta testing the new features on a super secret server and we plan to give you more info on them very soon!

With regards to the other features which will include a colour vote, new catalogs, newspapers, emotes, and a newly designed website the development is coming on well. We would also like to say that not all of the features in V2 will be available straight away, weekly we will slowly be rolling out the new content and we plan on doing that for at least a month or so!

We can’t wait to show you more sneak peaks soon of V2, thanks for reading the blog and stay tuned to here and the discord for more of the latest CPA news as it comes out!

Posted by Josh on August 15, 2018


We have been VERY BUSY working on updates and haven't had time to do a POTW in over 3 months, today that changes!


Congratulations to our Second POTW Igor500! Igor500 is very active in the community and in-game, Igor always welcomes new players and makes everyone feel welcome, he is an asset to the community! We are super excited to give Igor the legendary Red Viking Helmet and an staggering 10,000 coins! Amazing! If you think your friend should be Penguin of the Week, leave a comment In the discord with their username and why they should be featured! Waddle On!